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Why fight to improve health in Central Africa?

800 women die every day from childbirth-related complications, childhood vaccinations have seen the biggest decline in 30 years, and deaths from tuberculosis and malaria have increased compared to pre-pandemic levels (source: UN statistics in 2022).

It is the rural areas of Central Africa that are most affected by the lack of access to care and health infrastructures. More effective financing of health systems in these countries can save millions of lives.

This is why one of the main struggles of the SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale association is to achieve the sustainable development objective SDG 3 defined by the UN, namely: that each person can have access to healthcare structures and live healthier by 2030.

How do we act to improve health?

SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale supports the establishment and equipment of health infrastructures in rural areas of Central Africa in order to offer better hygiene conditions, reduce the spread of diseases and improve the working conditions of medical personnel .

For example, our association is ensuring the rehabilitation of a dispensary in Cameroon where an average of 2 deliveries per month are carried out and where there is currently no water, no showers or hand washbasins, just a basic, dilapidated latrine. Connecting drinking water and installing sanitation will greatly help the patients and staff of this dispensary.

SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale also collects and sends medical equipment by working in collaboration with volunteer doctors and nurses.

Finally, our association also sets up awareness campaigns against early pregnancies which endanger the lives of young girls and reduce their chances of access to education.

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