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Eradicate hunger and promote sustainable agriculture

Access to drinkable water and hygiene 

Give everyone access to healthcare for a healthy life

Ensure equitable and inclusive education for all

Numbers are alarming,
it’s urgent to act.

childs die each day of avoidable diceases


people suffer from hunger


out of 10 don’t have access to drinkable water


of kids do not attend to school

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the world fairer

where everyone has access to fundamental rights, regardless of gender, age or country.

The 17 goals to transform our world

Created in 2021 by a group of volunteers, SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale is a non-profit humanitarian association based at Strasbourg which fights for a fairer world and for the access to fundamental rights in Central Africa and around the world.

Our missions are part of the 2030 Program for Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN in September 2015.

This program defines 17 concrete et interconnected objectives in order to end poverty, protect the planet and improve life around the world.

SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale chooses to focus on 4 objectives of this program :

  • End hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrion and promote sustainable agriculture
  • Guarantee access for everybody  to sustainably managed drinkable water supply and sanitation services 
  • Enable everyone to live in good health and promote well-being at all ages
  • Ensure equitable education for all and make vocational training accessible to vulnerable young people, particularly young girls.

Furthermore, all our actions also promote responsible consumption, environmental protection and the fight against inequalities.

Our team also participates in humanitarian emergency missions around the world through support for actions implemented by the Fondation de France.

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