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Why support SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale?

Sustainable Humanitarian Impact

By collaborating with SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale, your company or foundation contributes to concrete projects that change lives. From access to drinking water to education and basic healthcare, we work tirelessly to improve the quality of life of communities in Central Africa and around the world.

Transparency and Accountability

SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale is committed to transparent and responsible management of funds. We provide detailed reporting on resource usage, ensuring our partners have full visibility into the impact of their support.

Personalization of the Partnership

Each organization is unique, which is why in addition to the possibility of making a financial donation or skills sponsorship, we also offer the possibility of creating tailor-made partnerships. Whether you want to join forces with an existing initiative or develop a specific project, we are flexible and ready to collaborate.

How to support SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale?

At SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale, we believe in the power of partnerships to create significant change in the lives of their most vulnerable communities. Your support is a bridge to hope and a brighter future for those who need it most. Here are the different forms of support that you can give to our association:

Financial Donations

Your financial contribution or in-kind donation helps provide immediate solutions to the challenges facing the communities we serve. Every donation, regardless of its size, has a direct impact on vital projects such as access to drinking water, education and health care. Partner companies and foundations benefit from a tax reduction of 66% of their donation, up to 0.5% of their turnover.  We will then send  you the tax receipt as soon as possible by email. SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale is recognized as being of general interest. 

Financial sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship goes beyond simple financing. By becoming a patron, your company can become actively involved in social programs, thereby enhancing its social impact and enhancing its reputation.

Skills sponsorship

Skills sponsorship allows partner companies and foundations to offer their expertise, experience and specific skills to support the association’s projects. This collaboration creates a powerful synergy between the professional world and the social sector, enabling a mutual exchange of knowledge and a concrete positive impact.

Tailor-made partnerships

Whether to support existing projects or design new initiatives, we are at your disposal to set up a tailor-made partnership. To do this, simply contact our team.

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 Support SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale as an individual


You can also support the actions of SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale as an individual. Here are the different forms of support that you can give to our association as an individual:

Financial Donations

Your donation, whether large or small, will help finance essential projects such as the supply of drinking water, improved health infrastructure, the fight against hunger and access to education. Every euro counts and can change lives.

Making a donation to us also means being able to benefit from a tax deduction of 75% of the amount of its value. We will then send  you the tax receipt on request as soon as possible by email. To do so, simply fill out our contact form. SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale is recognized as being of general interest. 

Transmission of heritage

Our association is authorized to receive legacies, donations and life insurance. If you want to give meaning to your legacy and save thousands of lives through your contribution, contact us to find out more.

Organization of collections

You can organize a collection of school supplies, computer equipment or medical equipment to help us send the equipment that is sorely lacking in the disadvantaged areas where we operate.


Our team welcomes you with pleasure to participate in missions essential to the proper functioning of the association, such as communication (digital and events), accounting, fundraising, etc. Contact us for more information. You can also become a member of the association to be an integral part of the actions implemented.

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