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Why fight for education in Central Africa?

Education allows younger generations to escape poverty. However, 50% of the world’s children and adolescents do not have basic knowledge of reading and mathematics and almost half of them are not in school (source: UN statistics in 2022).

The absence of equipment and infrastructure negatively impacts the quality of education for young people in the most vulnerable countries of Central Africa. Some of them have neither latrines nor hand washes, which encourages illness and therefore absenteeism.

This is why one of the main struggles of the SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale association is to achieve the sustainable development objective SDG 4 defined by the UN, namely: that each person can have access to education independently of their sex and age by 2030.

How do we act to support education?

SOS Développement Solidarité Internationale organizes the collection and sending of school supplies and computer equipment, finances the purchase of school textbooks and supports the establishment of infrastructures (library, canteens, sanitation) in Central Africa in order to enable children of disadvantaged rural areas to access education.

Connecting drinking water and installing sanitation in schools and colleges significantly improves the health of students, which makes it possible to sustainably combat absenteeism.

Finally, our association also sets up awareness campaigns against early pregnancies which endanger the lives of young girls and reduce their chances of access to education.

Furthermore, access to drinking water frees young girls and women from the chore of supplying water, which allows them to have better access to education and therefore more independence in their lives.

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