The health situation in Cameroon, particularly in rural regions, remains worrying. Access to clean water and adequate sanitation facilities remains a major challenge, affecting the health and education of local communities. In this context, we have undertaken a major initiative to help improve the daily lives of the children of Kelleng.


Our project specifically aims to bring drinking water and install adequate sanitation facilities to the Kelleng school and college. Why target these establishments? Because they represent the heart of education in the Province of Bati. By ensuring access to clean water and creating adequate sanitation facilities, we are directly supporting the education of children in this region.

By ensuring a healthy and safe environment in schools and colleges, we promote the regular attendance of students, thereby reducing absences linked to health problems and improving their access to quality education.


Our goal is to transform these educational establishments into places conducive to student learning, growth and development. We firmly believe that education is the key to progress and sustainable development of a society.

In addition, we organize the collection of school supplies and computer equipment and ship them to Kelleng in partnership with other humanitarian associations. Donations also allow us to purchase school textbooks to enable children to follow lessons in the right conditions.

    However, to carry out this essential project, we need your support. Each contribution, whether financial, material or in the form of volunteering, is a cornerstone in making these actions a reality and having a positive impact on the lives of children and the Kelleng community.

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