The health situation in Cameroon remains a major challenge, especially in rural regions where access to quality health services is limited. Kelleng, like many other villages, faces difficult sanitary conditions, with a dispensary requiring urgent rehabilitation to meet the needs of the community.


Our humanitarian association is committed to improving the quality of life of residents by implementing concrete initiatives. Our latest project specifically targets the rehabilitation of the local dispensary in Kelleng. This initiative is crucial to providing basic health services to a population in desperate need.

The rehabilitation of the dispensary includes an essential component: sanitation. Improving hygiene is at the heart of our action. We strive to install adequate sanitation infrastructure, such as clean water systems, modern sanitation facilities and hygiene education programs for the local community.


Our objective is multiple:

  • Improve access to health care: The rehabilitation of the dispensary will ensure constant access to quality medical services for the residents of Kelleng and surrounding villages.
    Strengthen hygienic conditions: By installing adequate sanitation systems, we aim to reduce the spread of water-related diseases and improve hygiene standards.
  • Raise awareness and educate: We organize educational programs on the importance of personal and environmental hygiene to encourage healthy daily practices.

Our approach is not only limited to the physical renovation of the dispensary, but it also includes an aspect of long-term development, as well as operations for collecting and sending medical equipment. We work closely with members of the local community and other associations to ensure the sustainability of the project and promote empowerment.

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